• Saigon Socialite: Are You Socially Sartorial?

Saigon Socialite: Are You Socially Sartorial?

We absolutely love when art meets fashion head on. Talk about MAJOR style inspo! Lets face it, Saigon Socialite just.sounds.cool. Created by LanVy Nguyen, the owner of NGO Fashion4Freedom, who believes that “design is a process in problem solving to shape a better society in the future.” So in addition being being our favorite sartorial selection of the season, these shoes are totally socially responsible too.


 The art of Pagoda Woodcrafting is as ancient as it is beautiful. Very. Dating back  a whopping 1,000 years. However, due to increased modernization and displacements from prefabrications, this ancient art form is in steady decline. That’s where Saigon Socialite comes in, one of a few that makes up Fashion4Freedom, a brand incubator for those wanting to support products that seek to preserve traditional cultures. 48 Villages, and 17 different crafts is where Fashion4Freedom stands to date, with Saigon Socialite being one of them.


The NGO itself provides small villages with equipment loans and business training to help keep their traditions alive while enabling the craftsmen with the ability to support themselves. The loans are re-paid in a “pay it forward” type fashion, through the donation of products, or training within their community so everyone has an opportunity to be “an agent of change.”


Although priced at a relatively steep $45o per pair, the work and lets face it, love that goes into each pair makes it way worth it. Nobody said one couldn’t be socially sartorial…snap em’ up folks!

Images from Saigon Socialite 

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