• Tame Your Mane with The Wet Brush

Tame Your Mane with The Wet Brush

Ladies (and gentleman), if you have yet to discover the amazingness that is the Wet Brush, I am about to change you life. My friends often refer to my hair as “the mane,” it’s long, sandy colored, and wild wavy/frizzy. As it is so thick, I battle with huge knots on a daily basis. When I was gifted the Wet Brush, I thought (as you are probably thinking), just another brush. How wrong was I?

This brush is a total detangling machine! Gone are the days of harsh bristles painfully battling never-ending knots and tangles.  The Wet Brush’s bristle technology is known as Intelliflex™, and what makes these bristles special is their flexibility to return to their original form post brush stroke, eliminating the breakage and pain you feel.  In addition, the bristles are topped with SofTips™, which massage the scalp and stimulate your hair follicles. For me, this was a total dream come true! Try it and I swear you will never use another brush again!

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