• It’s Seriously TEA-RRIFIC

It’s Seriously TEA-RRIFIC

As a native Brit I must admit that I do have a completely stereotypical affinity for Tea. Black, white, green, chai . . .and the list goes on. Since I now live in Texas and saying the summers here are HOT is a complete understatement, a “cuppa” of my beloved sweet milky Brit style tea isn’t always ideal. So in typical summer fashion, trading up tea for ice cream seemed like the logical leap. So when perusing my local grocery store for my flavor fetish of the summer, I’m somewhere in the midst of deciding between a simple cookie dough or the ever pretentious Port ice cream with Amish Blue Cheese Crumbles (yes, specifically Amish), when I casually stumble upon my ultimate ice cream nirvana, the holy grail of creamy creations . . .

Meet TEA-RIFFIC, a New England based boutique ice cream outfit creating creamy based creations out of our favorite cups of tea!! A conversation MUST be started! 

Here’s the flavor break down straight from the horses mouth! Click through for more elaborate descriptions. I opted for the London Fog, talk about frozen nostalgia!

Notes of apple and honey from Egyptian chamomile flowers

A warm blend of Assam black and rooibos teas with sweet aromatic and peppery spices

The malty and citrusy notes of Earl Grey tea enhanced with a hint of vanilla (for me this one is like childhood in a pint, a definite favorite!)

A sweet bite of fresh ginger perfectly balanced with delicate grassy notes of premium Matcha green tea

The malty and citrusy notes of Earl Grey tea with a hint of vanilla, rich semi-sweet Belgian chocolate flakes and buttery roasted pecan chunks

It’s a LONG summer down here in Tejas, so i’m planning on trying them all!

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