What to Wear

    • 10 best one-piece Swimsuits
    10 best one-piece Swimsuits

    Sophisticated and sexy, one-piece swimsuits¬†are no serious matter. Taking the place of tiny two pieces everywhere, these sleek little numbers come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. From 70’s[...]

    • Highly CAPE-able
    Highly CAPE-able

    I am a huge believe in wardrobe staples. Those things that not only define your personal style, but that you also absolutely can’t live without. That being said, a solid[...]

    • Hawaiian Punch
    Hawaiian Punch

    In celebration of my recent trip to hawaii, I am inspired by tropical prints to bring a little tropic into our sometimes trivial wardrobes. So these series of prints that[...]

    • This Seasons Staples and Why i’m Falling into the Gap!
    This Seasons Staples and Why i’m Falling into the Gap!

    Recalling ill-fitting t-shirts, “mom jeans” and overpriced ribbon belts…that is my association with the Gap.  For decades, the brand successfully positioned themselves as the building blocks of the American Wardrobe,[...]

    • Little Black Dress: LBD…NBD
    Little Black Dress: LBD…NBD

    So actually, a great LBD is a total BD! Whether it be the killer investment piece, or the summers staple shift dress, It’s always a purchase worth making.  My most[...]

    • Say YES to a Summer Sweater
    Say YES to a Summer Sweater

    I love when fashion breaks its own rules. Shorts in the winter, sandals with socks (still not convinced about this one), and for the sake of examples, last but definitely[...]