• From my Baggu to you…

From my Baggu to you…

I absolutely LOVE my BAGGU pouch. I bought it in Portland a few years ago and it goes everywhere with me…a true little partner in crime. Now for all you style savvy folks out there we all know that fashion often trumps function when it comes to achieving the perfect look, but those rare occasions where we can actually have both are truly beautiful ones at that.

In the age of handbags frequently mistaken for suitcases (guilty as charged), the need to compartmentalize is a total necessity. Every girl has their daily staples that are carried with at all times, but they often end up strewn around and impossible to find. My BAGGU plays host to all my staples that I want to locate on an immediate whim. From my BAGGU to you, see below the daily items I just can’t live without!

What’s in yours?

Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 3.47.06 PM

  1. The BAGGU <3
  2. Small Moleskine journal in red, for life’s notable moments! 
  3. Coola SPF because applying once in the morning isn’t enough for all day coverage.
  4. Dr. Pepper Lip Smacker which has been a staple since the 4th grade, it’s a little sweet and gives a great red sheen
  5. Violet Candies: many think they taste like soap but I much prefer them to mints.
  6. Jacobsen Salt Co. slide tin for life’s unseasoned moments 

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