• Summer Hat Sassiness

Summer Hat Sassiness

In the time of hyper sensitivity to all things age conservation and sun burn prevention, the summer hat has reached an new pinnacle of popularity. Committing to a hat is kind of a huge decision, and passing on the right one is even worse. A few years ago my boyfriend and I went to San Francisco and saw this amazing wide brimmed yellow number at one of the stalls in the Ferrybuilding Marketplace. We pontificated and ultimately passed, and to this day both still talk about it. Upon returning to San Fran a few months later we hurried over to snap it up, but to our dismay, summer was over and so was the sale of our beloved hat.  Okay, so long story not so short…a great hat is the ultimate fashion find, statement piece and the perfect summer bestie.

 So the question remains, are you feigning over the fedora or is your mantra the wide and the wonderful??

Summer Hat

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