• Commodity: Finding Your Perfect Fragrance Fit

Commodity: Finding Your Perfect Fragrance Fit

There is something about picking out a new fragrance that is both exhilarating and exhausting. After a while, no matter how many whiffs of coffee beans you take, you must admit that they all start to smell the same. Then its basically down to picking out the cutest bottle, and in my case,  making sure it has notes of bergamont to seal the deal.


 So I have very recently (as in today) discovered the concept of a fragrance fitting kit from Commodity ($9), adding that try before you buy angle to fragrance shopping.  Yay!

What’s unique about the Commodity concept is that, where fragrance was originally developed to mask odor, these scents work to complement the natural oils in your skin. So by offering a fragrance fitting, it allows time to discover which scent complements you best, and with choices like, gold, dew, rain and moss it may take a little time to choose a favorite!


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