• Rosie Cheeks: Top 5 Benefits of Rose Water

Rosie Cheeks: Top 5 Benefits of Rose Water

There is a great divide in skincare these days: the organic vs. the “enhanced.”  I personally believe that an honest mix of the two is the best combination. Where I do firmly believe that natural remedies have their place in many amazing skincare regimes, I do not necessarily think they can tuck and tighten quite as well as something a little more chemically enhanced. So with this never ending mix of new products on the market, organic or not, we often forget about the most basic natural skin care remedies that were total staples on Grandma’s vanity.  Today, we are talking rose water and its many benefits for our skin.

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The scent of rose has for years been a popular fragrance for cosmetics for years, stemming from its widespread use in skin care regimes across the globe.  Sought out for its medicinal qualities that helped cure various skin ailments, its popularity has remained consistent well into the 21st century. Here are the top 5 reasons we continue to love rose water so much!

  1. Rose water acts as an anti inflammatory, which can help reduce redness of irritated skin or clam down that angry pimple that will not seem to go away.
  2. Rose water has many properties of an astringent which helps remove excess oil and rid the skin of any bacteria
  3. Rose water can be used as a natural hair conditioner, helping to control dandruff and inflammation, so slather some on post lather
  4. When applied at night, rose water helps purge skin of all impurities collected throughout the day
  5. Can reduce dark under eye circles if applied consistently to the area

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