• Get Summer Suited

Get Summer Suited

In my late teens I definitely considered myself more of a standard Mary-Kate than an Ashley, shying away from the tailored toward the allure of the predictable “boho” look of late 2005. Olsen’s aside, and although to this day I spend the majority of my time swaddled in the appropriate amount of  excess  fabric, I’ve become rather partial to the idea of the female suit, be it a casual affair or an elegant extravagance. 

I purchased this killer gold LAmade number at the beginning of last fall, solidly cementing my love for the suited situation. For one, its gold…so theres that, but lets face it, there is something alluring about suiting up that seems to infuse a woman with immediate sophistication and dare I say swagger. Its elegant but edgy in a feminine way that commands attention while enforcing ownership of ones own personal style. Perfection. Lets queue the ubiquitous feminist ramblings of Alanis Morisette and reminisce on decades of dapper divas featuring the likes of Annie Hall, Annie Lenox, and the ever so swoon worthy Tilda Swinton all owning the female power suit. Luckily for us, this seasons summer style is oozing with flirtatious finds, notably swanky summer shorts and loose structured trousers with their complementary counterparts. I think its summer love, so get involved <3


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