• Highly CAPE-able

Highly CAPE-able

I am a huge believe in wardrobe staples. Those things that not only define your personal style, but that you also absolutely can’t live without. That being said, a solid black cape (or any cape for that matter) has been a quintessential part of my winter wardrobe since late 2006, when I stumbled upon the find of all finds at a semi random but much less desirable coat store just south of Times Square. I was attending FIT at the time, so the $50 I spend was seriously committing to the look.

Lucky for us, the past few seasons have bestowed upon us a serious number of caped creations, from traditional, to unexpected, short, long and the list goes on.

Why we love the cape: Granted, the cape is not the warmest of creations however it is definitely one of the trendiest. Always the perfect complement to any outfit!

  1. The perfect last layer to polish off the perfect look
  2. Works best with skinny trousers or tights
  3. The perfect statement piece for those thoughtless fashion moments
  4. Say bye bye to those dreaded “Fat Days”

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