• This Seasons Staples and Why i’m Falling into the Gap!

This Seasons Staples and Why i’m Falling into the Gap!

Recalling ill-fitting t-shirts, “mom jeans” and overpriced ribbon belts…that is my association with the Gap.  For decades, the brand successfully positioned themselves as the building blocks of the American Wardrobe, but after many years spent in the ready to wear limelight, Gap, as described by new fab designer Rebekka Bay “kind of disappeared into nothingness.”  I’m not so sure it was Gap that changed, but rather the influx of stores such as Forever21, which quickly gave way to a generation of  “instant fashion” (as my friend likes to call it) that brought us edgy runway trends for mere pennies on the dollar.  We began to prefer quantity over quality, and as our association with the Gap as the frugal closet staple of yesteryear began to dissipate, we, as consumers strayed elsewhere.  

So as I breezed past earlier, Gap has a new Creative Director, Dutch national Rebekka Bay. Arriving at Gap from a stint at COS, my favorite store in the universe, Bay is taking the bull by the horns and bringing Gap back out of the 90’s and back into our wardrobes. Streamlining the look to not only reflect the authentic and relaxed style of Gap, but in a relatable way that makes us want to reintroduce Gap as part of our every day uniform. Bay poignantly stated in a recent interview with Elle Magazine that.  “High-fashion pieces normally decrease in value. Casual pieces live with you and get better over time. You don’t want them to die; when a piece falls apart, you return for a new version of that piece.”

I say, welcome back Gap!!

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