• Ancho Reyes Liquor!

Ancho Reyes Liquor!

You know when you find something that you are so convinced was sent from the heavens just for you? In my case, this is Ancho Reyes. I stumbled upon this chile liquor at a cocktail bar a few months ago after insisting on a spicy note to reach my full cocktail nirvana (obviously). This awesomely robust chile liquor offers up notes of tamarind, plum, cacao and almond in addition to the sweet/spicy ancho chile that we celebrate as its name sake. 

Ancho Reyes

It’s so delicious, but not the slight bit overwhelming, for those of you who have encountered a few blunders on behalf of an habanero infused anything.  With a variety of cocktails listed on their website so you can avoid the imminent question mark that comes along with trying something new, and boy do the choices look tempting. Maybe you are in the mood for an Ancho Old Fashioned as a classic take on an old favorite to ease you in, or maybe just dive right in and go for something a little more daring such as the El Topo made form muddled cherry tomatoes and Mexican lager! I feel an Ancho Reyes Michelada Monday coming on soon!


Images courtesy of Ancho Reyes (Facebook Page) & animalgormet.com

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