• The Curious Case of Cold Brew Coffee

The Curious Case of Cold Brew Coffee

Triple shot, non-fat, two pumps, no whip, sugar free cinnamon latte. Back in the day, say 2012, a crash course in coffee would have you spouting out lengthy demands to keen eared baristas nationwide. These days, trendy coffee slinging hipsters look down their noses at you with a mere suggestion of a splash of syrup or dollop of whipped cream. The current craze in coffee? Cold brew.

Now you may be asking yourself (as I asked myself), what the difference is between iced coffee and cold brew? Other than a hint of pretension,  iced coffee was once upon a time  hot coffee, where cold brew is purposely steeped in room temperature water to yield lower acidity and an overall sweeter flavor. Now this coffee craze can be found concentrated and bottled in most grocery stores, or on-tap like a beer in your neighborhood hipster coffee joint. Most shops have their own staple brew so shop around and try a few!

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