• Here’s the Sitch on Succulents

Here’s the Sitch on Succulents

I really wouldn’t consider myself a green thumb…but I am always trying! So after a considerable amount of trial and error I’ve come to the conclusion that, when it comes to plant life,  I need something not only beautiful, but incredibly resilient if its going to survive. That, or a full time gardener if I’m going to be completely unrealistic. Enter 2014, tis’ the year of the Succulent, and has Mother Nature done us a solid with these little beauties or what? 

Super low maintenance and perfect for apartment living, these mini munchkins are made for those with an on-the-go lifestyle. Needing only indirect light to survive (and of course water), the potential margin for error is considerably lower that most plants (snaps for that!). Remembering the basil incident of 2013, or the chrysanthemum catastrophe of the year before…

There’s inspiration to be found everywhere when it comes to these little guys, and as most are very budget friendly, you can pick a few up for under $20 at your local garden center and get to experimenting with your vessel of choice! Tea cup? Suitcase? Tin can? Wine glass?

Succulent plants also come in an array of interesting colors, shapes, and sizes allowing you to create all types of unique arrangements to further awesome your space.  See below for some inspo!

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